This specialization combines six courses that will open your eyes to the world of online threats and ways to grab your money and personal data. As you progress, you will learn about different types of fraud and common money/data-theft scenarios, how to protect yourself from cyber-evil, and, most importantly, how to preserve your own and loved ones’ peace of mind.
What you will learn:
Distinguish types of online threats
Recognize scams in all their guises whenever and wherever they strike
Protect your personal information, social accounts, bank details
Configure high-level protection on your own and family members’ devices
What the course includes:
3 courses
34 lessons
34 videos
Estimated study time - 48 hours
The course ends with a test. To receive a certificate, you must correctly answer all questions.

Internet security: the nitty-gritty

You will learn how to protect yourself from the main online threats, as well as how not to lose your money and personal data.
12 lessons

Personal data protection

You will learn how cybercriminals can gain access to your personal data, what the threats are, and how to avoid them.
15 lessons

Device security and privacy

You will learn all about the security settings of your devices.
7 lessons