Protection from doxing, a new free course from Kaspersky Education

20 Мая 2021

Hello, fellow students!

We invite you to enroll in our new course about the dangers and prevention of doxing, the practice of making one’s personal information public without one’s consent.

Most people post a lot of information about themselves and others on the Internet, sometimes without thinking about the potential consequences. Moreover, many are unaware of how much they really share online. We developed this new course to help everyone learn more about staying safe online while expressing themselves in the digital world.

In this course you will learn more about what doxing is and who its likely victims are. You’ll get answers to common questions such as “Is it OK to post party photos on Facebook?” and “How did my online friends find out my home address if I never posted it?” You will also learn how to protect yourself and others from doxing, how to deal with online shaming, and how to share information ethically and responsibly, without unwanted consequences.

Upon finishing this free course, you’ll also receive a shiny certificate of completion — and have the knowledge to decide wisely whether to post it on your social channels.

We hope you’ll enjoy the Doxing: Dangers & Prevention course!

New course about safe gaming is waiting for you

30 Сентября 2020

Gaming is fun. Don't let anyone spoil it! In the new course "Safe Gaming", we will tell you where and how to buy games safely, what consequences an account hijack may have and how to avoid it, as well as how to set up your computer for gaming.

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A new course is available!

16 Марта 2020

Unsure if your computer or tablet security settings are configured correctly? The third course is now available — go get it!

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A new course is available!

5 Февраля 2020

Find out everything about Personal data protection and add one more certificate to your collection.

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Good luck!

Welcome to Kaspersky Education!

5 Июля 2019

We launched the 1st course! You will learn how to protect yourself from the main online threats, as well as how not to lose your money and personal data. Your 1st Cyber Security Certificate is waiting for you! We are going to launch more and more new interesting courses in the nearest future, read our news to be in!

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