Welcome to "Cybersecurity: entry level"! In this course you will explore the basics of cybersecurity and its main concepts. You will immerse yourself into the general principles of cybersecurity, types of threats, risks, and attacks. You also will learn types of malware and how to protect yourself against it. Finally, you will examine cybersecurity services and teams delivering them. 

What you will learn:
What the course includes:
3 courses
9 lessons
9 videos
Estimated study time - 48 hours
The course ends with a test. To receive a certificate, you must correctly answer all questions.

Cybersecurity: entry level. Module 1

In the 1st module of the course "Cybersecurity: entry level" you will discover the following topics:

  • Cyber threats and vulnerabilities
  • Opportunistic attacks
  • Network & Web types of attacks

3 lessons

Cybersecurity: entry level. Module 2

In the second module of "Cybersecurity: entry level" you will explore two topics: malware analysis and forensics.

2 lessons

Cybersecurity: entry level. Module 3

In the third module of "Cybersecurity: entry level" you will explore the following topics: advanced persistent threats & dark market, cybersecurity market trends, protection measures, and phishing.

4 lessons