Fabulous facts and top tips about Internet security: What you need to know and how to do it

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What is it and what is it for?

The Education portal is a FREE training resource where:

  • Each lesson is a short video that explains the topic briefly and clearly.
  • Each course comprises a set of lessons delivering an entire suite of knowledge and practical skills on a variety of topics.
  • A certificate of completion which helps to ensure that you’ll be better protected against cyber-scams and online fraud!

No matter how many gadgets, phones, tablets, and other smart devices you have, or what operating systems, products, and services are installed on them, being able to recognize the various types of threats, and knowing how to block or neutralize them will help you stay sharp and protect your data, money, and nerves !

It’s easy and simple!

  • 01
    You select the courses and lessons of most interest to you
    You can complete them in any order
  • 02
    The short video format helps you get to grips with the topic in a matter of minutes
  • 03
    Progress tests indicate how well you know your stuff!

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Internet security is anything but dull — find out for yourself


  • I’ve passed the 1st course and was really exited! All lessons are simple and easy-to-understand! Just 2-3 min and you find out the possible problems and how to prevent it! I’m looking forward to new courses!
  • I’m sys admin and according to my work I have to study people about Cyber security. I was so happy when discovered Education! Ready-to-use, just send the link to your colleagues – and there is no need to spend time for obvious problem!
  • It’s really worth to watch! Unfortunately, I was hacked several times and it was terrible! Now I know what types of malware exist and how to prevent urgent situations!
    Thanks a lot!
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    Project manager
  • Igor
    System administrator
  • Marina